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When is Secretaries Day in South Africa? - 5th September 2012

Secretaries Day, known in some countries as Administrative Professional Day, was created in America in 1952. It is therefore a reasonably new celebration and designed to honour the secretary. It gives thanks for all the specified duties and unspecified tasks that these office administrators perform as norms during their daily functions.

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It is interesting to know that the ‘holiday celebration’ was founded with the specific concept of encouraging more people, male and female, to consider secretarial and administrative positions within a company. This salutation has rapidly become the largest work place rite – greater than the observance of birthdays with presents given.

It is celebrated by management [in total or as individuals] recognising the staff concerned by giving parties, lunches, time off and, of course, gifting. Secretaries Day gifts are normally not pricy items and idea gift ideas range through flowers, chocolates and trinkets. These ‘trinkets’ would include non personal items such as name engraved pens, bags, portable hand held fans, umbrellas, coffee / tea mugs, incense candles and holders, picture frames and small office related items.

Business related items have become favourite gifting items – personalised business cards, desktop names plaques, gift certificates, computer hardware and customised ergonomically correct furniture. Monetary bonuses may accompany such gifting ideas to reward exemplary performance.

Last year: 7th September 2011

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